World Trip 1974-75


Slow Start

Stuck in Hawaii several months...

Then off to Japan



Get on an airplane for Japan, Sept. 9th 1974.  I have “around the world” almost ticket on Pan American. Actually Honolulu to Athens because I thought if I lived to get to Europe it should be easy to get back to the USA. All dates open - Special Ticket, no schedule.

My Cupertino CA roommate Lynne and I take off from Honolulu Airport. We are not planning to travel the world together but she wants to meet her girl friend Gail in Japan. I am planning to stay with my high school friend Larry who owns several English language schools.  I Call Larry from the airport, we meet at McDonalds restaurant and we have a great time in this wonderful country.



  1. Bath House with Men & Women (very cold water) and small tallow’s.

  2. Buy Pentax ESII Camera in Tokyo.

  3. Do the Bullet Train to Kyoto with Lynne, it breaks down...hugh mess.

  4. Take the photos of Larry and friends, after a whale (like fish) dinner.

  5. Parabolic (word game from when Larry and I did tuna fishing in San Diego)

  6. Wait for friends letters

  7. Go down to see the festival in Kamakura,

          here see giant Buddha and the famous Zen archer