Hong Kong

Well… This was a good place for me. Five-cent boat rides! My God what a great deal. Now what happens? Lost 80 bucks to a pick-pocket, met a nice girl traveling the same direction as me, we go up to the Communist Chinese boarder, made several trips to Hong Kong island, had a drink at the famous (very) British, Peninsula Hotel. Most of current life’s problems are beginning to drift away, and now we are concentrating on a certain state of mind that can be called …Travel.  


Getting set for Thailand. I want to get going and everything falls into place. Ok, small problem with toothache, and I see a British dentist and he looks in my mouth and says, “That needs to come out but I have this important date, look can we take it out now with no fuss”. Sure…no problem. I left for Bangkok with this huge cotton ball in my mouth everything was fine.