Thailand - Air Siam   Bangkok Oct. 5 to Sept. 22, 1974

Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Sukhothai, up north by bus to Chiang Mai.

{The following taken from my original Journal}

Leave for Bangkok – Air Siam. Land and wet at the airport.

Welp, I hit the “jack-pot” and end up at the Hippie Hilton … slightly famous Malaysian Hotel. Wow! Cheeseburgers, wall-to-wall long-hairs and Thai-sticks. A sign over the swimming pool; “Due to health reasons Bar Girls are prohibited from swimming in the Hotel Pool” (which gave me a hint of the situation, but these exotic Thai women looked almost terrific).

Now… Wendy [a friend I meet in Hong Kong] is going to meet me because I get a postcard from her. [Bought myself a Buddha, which I still keep in the living room and a silver coin for my father]. Thailand is beautiful.

Two very strange things happen in Thailand,  C. Jung says it’s Synchronicity - “a casual connecting principle”… the unconscious knowledge that links a physical event. [I recall I am reading CARL GUSTAV  JUNG,   Man and His Symbols, anyway the  stories are too long to explain here but both evolved, Buses, Buddha’s and Time].


Afternoon at the beach