India – Oct. 27 to Nov. 2, 1974

I purchased a Buddha in Thailand that I was carrying and although I had no problem bringing it through customs out of Thailand into Nepal there was a big issue with taking anything of religious significance out of Nepal. So I thought well I will hide it strategically under my pants. When I went through the pat down search there was with a guard holding a machine gun looking directly at me. I sorta knew that I had a pretty good chance of this working, and I was happy it was a small Buddha. The plane ride to India was a tad uncomfortable however.

At the airport in Delhi I get off and this very weird guy ask me if I need a hotel. So I think sure I am going to get in the weird guys car when all these nice looking Taxis are available. So I get in and he takes me to the worst place I had ever seen as a place that took in travelers. The rooms were all shared, no doors, no running water, no anything but stoned out Junkies. One Australian guy was yelling that this hellhole was the worst hotel on earth… I took his word for it. I stayed up all night and the next morning I found another place in town.

For the next week I was just amazed how interesting India is, in fact I extended my stay so I could get out and see the sights, Taj Mahal, Red Fort etc.