Nepal via Royal Nepal Airlines  -  Oct. 22 to 27, 1974

I guess I was still dreaming about Thailand so when I got in this airport Taxi in Katmandu I really didn’t have any expectations.

{The following is from my Journal}

The taxi driver tells me that today is a “special religious holiday”, and that’s why this fellow next to us just lobed off the head of this chicken and he’s got the body in both hands and letting the spurting blood fall on to his somewhat new looking Vespa (motor-scooter).

This sacrifice and blessing (extravaganza) went on for 3 days and many goats, sheep, chickens and maybe even a few cows came to their abrupt end in the name of this holiday. So I’m trying to get into the vibe of this very weird and spiritual place, in fact its so spiritual people just forgot to take out the trash.

Well I like it a lot. One morning with a group of paid travelers, we take a Land Rover through the countryside, starting out at 4:00am, by sun up we come over a hill and get a wonderful view of the Himalayan range including Mt. Everest. Visits to the local temples are what everyone does. The experience is a blend of the Devine, Horrible, Absurd and the funny and somehow this comes out as a religion…. but not a dead serious religion but a belief that attempts to release the soul (wrong word) rather than trample on it. It takes awhile to get it.


Iran  - Tehran   Nov. 2, to Nov. 6, 1974

Landed at the airport in Tehran and for some reason I get distracted and leave my bundle of some of my stuff on a bench in the airport. I Taxi into down town and check in to a hotel I’m totally exhausted from India. It was the next day I realized I left the bundle in the terminal and take a taxi back out to the very bench not expecting to find anything. Well the bundle was untouched still setting there pretty darn amazing. The next few days I talk to people about the Shaw of Iran, most said that he was a bad US puppet dictator and that they where glad he was going to be gone soon. Tehran felt strange and unsettled. One of my biggest regrets was not to travel to the famous ruins at Percepolies. Spent most of the time in the huge market place lots of rugs but no 35-mm film. I wanted to get to the Mediterranean and some water. I got on a plane for Beirut. The next day Iran got a freak snowstorm and the roof of the airport collapsed and killed several people.