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Camera’s & Travel Photography

Over the years I have owned many camera’s. I have always been interested in photography and also optics and computers. An optical type machine I made in 1966, a kind of kaleidoscope projector I used at the San Francisco Fillmore Auditorium for one of Bill Graham’s famous concerts.

The solo “world trip” in 1974-5 was shot with one of the most advanced “automatic SLR’s” of its time... the Pentax ESII. Most of these old cameras are still around, but unfortunately some of the slides that were taken then have started to deteriorate. On the Rg TRAVELS site I hope to show a few early photos from each of the countries I have had the pleasure of visiting early on.

You can visit the Data Files (below) section for list of countries, dates and camera’s. We still like to go some place about every year and try to clear ourselves of the every day at home.

Note: The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has made this a challenge.

People & Things

Belize 2008, A return visit  Three of us stayed at Francis Ford Coppola’s TURTLE INN  in Placencia Belize->

This site will never be finished...

The Monterey (about 10 months)

Home addition 2016-2017

1967 Era, The Fillmore Auditorium -

San Francisco Auditorium Projector

Sweden & Russia



1966 Trip to Europe and Russia

  First major over seas trip 1966.

1974  World Trip

    This is a site devoted to a long trip.

OLD Photos of Misc. People and Things

   All sorts of photos ...snapshots really.

Wood  Albacore Tuna Boats

   Kettenburg’s & Albacore Tuna Fishing.

PL50r eunion  The Point Loma High

     School 50th Reunion photos.



   Historic Fort Ord Site, Monterey CA.

Rg_Somewhere   (

    My early Travels ...on the road.